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In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must continually innovate to meet the demands of consumers and grow. Successful business owners know that investments of financial resources are critical to this end. This is why, having access to business credit is essential, though it continues to be a challenge for many entrepreneurs, particularly, women and people of color.

Positive Business Credit Solutions (PBCS) was created to help entrepreneurs like you, get the credit you need to start and grow successful businesses. Our credit and financing solutions include a comprehensive program that educates the entrepreneur throughout the process, empowering you with the knowledge needed to obtain credit at every stage of your business. They also offer entrepreneurs access to our network of knowledgeable lenders who work with you to find the best financing options for your business, without the rigorous requirements of conventional banks, and without the use of your personal credit.

Business Credit Builder Program

Our Business Credit Builder Program helps entrepreneurs position their business to qualify for maximum capital at the lowest cost, while teaching you the strategies to maintain and continually strengthen your business credit profile.  This program takes you through a proven step-by-step method, where completion of each phase is guaranteed to build your business credit and position you to access greater amounts of credit, using just your business’ employer identification number (EIN).

If you are tired of using your personal credit to fund your business or have exhausted your savings in pursuit of your entrepreneurial dreams, then the Business Credit Builder Program is the solution for you.

Business Loans

Our Business Loans Service is for the business owner who is ready to secure funding.  Entrepreneurs who have completed the Business Credit Builder Program are well-suited for this step.  Our professional lenders have a variety of financing options to help meet your business needs.  Whether it is access to a line of credit, loan, or other financing option, PBCS makes it easy for you to obtain business capital at competitive terms, without the complicated processes required by most other lending institutions, and without tying up your personal credit.

Why Choose Us

  • We are distinctively qualified to understand your unique needs and your business’ value to our community.

  • Our program educates you on strategies that will help you get access to credit at every stage of your business.

  • Our two-part program helps position your business for maximum financing, and then connects you with lenders who help you get the financing you need to do maximum business.

  • Our solutions are efficient and effective. In as little as 3 months you can have business credit!

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