We’ve Got the Blueprint

Many business owners try unsuccessfully to build business credit on their own.  They spend years investing in useless vendor relationships, exhausting their personal savings, and even ruining their personal credit to fund their business.  You don’t have to do this.

The PBCS Business Credit Builder Program is a proven step-by-step system that positions your business to qualify for maximum funding using just the business’ employer identification number.  Our seven-step program can be completed in as little as three months!  As you progress through each phase, your business credit profile is strengthened, and your business qualifies for higher amounts of credit than ever before.

The Business Credit Builder is the solution for you, if…

You need money to grow your business but need help getting your business qualified.

You’ve been denied business financing or credit in the past.

You don’t want to waste time and energy on things that won’t help you get the capital you need.

You want your business to fund itself.

Our program is the blueprint for positioning your business for maximum funding. Our leading finance suite platform not only helps you build business credit, it educates you on the process creditors use to determine your business fundability.   Along the way, our expert credit advisors will be available to guide you and keep you motivated, as you establish business credit and obtain access to the capital you need.

The advantage of using PBCS is that once you’ve completed the Business Credit Builder program, and your business has achieved a fundable position, we connect you to a variety of lending institutions through our Business Loans Service.  We partner with lenders who have the knowledge and the resources to give you maximum financing at the best terms.

Through Finance Suite You Can

  • Go through step by step, the process needed to start building your business credit and meet lender approval requirements

  • Get access to your Business Credit Report using Experian Smart Business

  • Learn about business credit monitoring through Duns & Bradstreet and other reporting agencies

  • Find out which vendors will give you credit and report your payments, helping you build business credit

  • Get high credit limits, store credit, and access to fleet credit and auto financing in your business name, and without using your personal credit

Contact us today to enroll in our Business Credit Builder Program and position your business for financing in as little as 3 months!